Shiny Happy: Kids Detangler Spray

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When should I use “Shiny Happy?” Shiny Happy is our leave-in, does-it-all miracle product. You can use it morning or night, on wet or dry hair. Use it on damp hair to detangle and smooth, or use it on dry hair to refresh and style. It’s perfect to bring back curls that have been flattened by sleeping, for combing boys’ parted hairstyles, smoothing bedhead, cowlicks and flyaways, and giving pigtails and ponytails a little definition and hold.

What hair type is “Shiny Happy” suitable for? Shiny Happy is gentle and moisturizing and suitable for all hair types: from very fine to coarse and curly hair and everything in between it delivers amazing results.

How much should I use? Shiny Happy is ultra-concentrated in a fine mist spray which allows you to use less - and buy better.

Does Shiny Happy repel lice? Shiny Happy prevents lice with tried-and-true essential oils.

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